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training and experience in sales and marketing

We provide excellent Sales Training Classes & Small Business Mentoring to our clients. Carlos personally conducts all the classes in bilingual, English and Spanish, and enhances the skills of individuals.


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Carlos Vides Advisors provides material that is well experimented with and is designed specifically for Business Mentoring, Social Media Networking, Sales Training, and much more. All the material provided caters to the requirements of the clients. Carlos has designed and compiled the material on his own. Through years of sales and marketing experience

Sales Training

Individuals are encouraged to enhance their linguistic skills and attract customers towards their firm’s products. They are taught the skills to maximize their sales.

Small Business Mentoring

We aim to provide small business guidance in various departments like marketing, finance structure.

Startup Business Mentoring

Our mentor will guide the start-up businesses with techniques and strategies to uplift their business from the ground to the skies.

Sales training one on one

Providing one on one sales training to individuals will enable them to get hold on the expertise and skills in an adequate manner.

Sales class in-room or virtual

With the fast-changing world, we offer our sales training services not only in physical classrooms but online as well.

Social media networking class

With the growing concept of social media networking, our mentors guide our clients through the tactics of social media networking.

About Us

Our CEO and founder, Carlos Vides, has a far-sighted vision of using his 22 years of experience in sales and marketing by nurturing talented individuals in a way that they outperform in their field of expertise.

Carlos Vides Advisors is a training firm that aims to train and help all types of businesses, be it big or small, for their further enhancing.

Carlos Vides Advisor is a Premium Professional Platform for individuals and businesses to learn new skills and enhance their existing expertise to flourish their business and their field of work.

Sales TrainingEnhance your skills and experience an increase in the number of sales you lock.
PresidentOur President, Carlos Vides, has envisioned to facilitate individuals and businesses with his skills and knowledge.
Small BusinessesIf the right strategy and right techniques are applied any small business can experience growth.


22 Years of Professional I personally will be teaching the class Bilingual Spanish or English . I come from high end results in sales and marketing.
Everything that you’re going to learn from is my material well experimented technics not a theory from a Lab of ideas created by a person that never has sold anything in their life.

Carlos Vides

Founder of Carlos Vides Advisor Academy

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